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Temporary Network Tables

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Some of the TABLE and fieldnames used in our database are rather obvious (like STATION or CHANNEL) but several are not (LOOKUP_GA or TEXT). Here is a list of TABLE and fieldnames and their definitions and relationships to Blockettes in the SEED data format.

BOLD CAPS = TABLE name PLAIN CAPS = fieldname

NETWORKS This table contains information about the networks for which IRIS collects data; primarily temporary networks (like PASSCAL experiments). This table does not contain any information about data holdings (timeseries).
ID Randomly assigned id number
NETWORK Official network code (usually two alphanumeric characters)
STARTYR First year of network operation. For the permanent networks listed in this table, the STARTYR is 0.
ENDYR Last year of network operation. For all permanent networks listed in this table, the ENDYR is 2500.
NAME Official name of the network as provided by the network operator
TYPE What type of network is it? 1=IRIS 2=PASSCAL 3=FDSN 4=ARRAYS 5=REGIONAL
NICKNAME Abbreviation of network name OR network affiliation
DESCRIPTION Description or objective of temporary network installation
MIN_LAT Minimum latitude of installation (if real station locations are not available from the database)
MAX_LAT Maximum latitude of installation
MIN_LON Minimum longitude of installation
MAX_LON Maximum longitude of installation
RESULTS Results of experiment
PROBLEMS Problems incountered during experiment
ARRIVAL Arrival date of data at the DMC
RELEASE Date when the data is no longer restricted (i.e. the two year moritorium is over)
EST_SIZE Estimated size of data holdings
RESTRICTED Is the data restricted to requests by authorized users only? Y=yes N=no
OPERATOR What institution is responsible for the operation of this array (optional)